Paws Care was established in 2008. 

We continue to grow. We rescue, re-home and provide better lives for abandoned, abused and neglected companion animals in Montgomery County and surrounding areas. Our adoption numbers have increased and although it depends on how much money we have from fundraising, we continue to support spay & neuter programs. If you need assistance in placing your own pet, please fill out the form on our "surrender a pet" page

Here are our numbers, but it's about QUALITY, NOT QUANTITY! 

2009: 179 dogs & cats rescued

2010: 268 dogs & cats rescued

2011: 275 dogs & cats rescued, 11 adopted and established our first spay/neuter assistance program to the public.

2012: 212 dogs & cats rescued, 32 adopted. 118 dogs & cats spayed or neutered by our own assistance program.

2013: 222 dogs & cats rescued, 91 adopted. 74 dogs & cats spayed or neutered by our own assistance program.

2014: 173 dogs & cats rescued, 91 adopted. 40 dogs & cats spayed or neutered by our own assistance program.

2015: 103 dogs & cats rescued, 68 adopted. 101 dogs & cats spayed or neutered by our own assistance program.

2016: 192 dogs & cats rescued, 81 adopted. 94 dogs & cats spayed or neutered by our own assistance program.

2017:  867 dogs & cats rescued, 54 adopted, 102 dogs & cats spayed or neutered by our own assistance program.

1420 dogs, 879 cats, 6 ducks, 4 chickens, 4 rabbits & 1 turkey rescued, 53 adopted120 dogs & cats spayed or neutered by our own assistance program.

2019: 2,482 dogs, 782 cats, 1 pig, 7 rabbits, 50 adopted, 80 dogs & cats spayed or neutered by our own assistance program.

When we say "rescue", we mean take into our own foster program or 
transported the pet to a safe shelter in the state.

Once again, we want to thank all the volunteers and supporters.
We cannot do this without you or continue without your kind donations and support!

The following are some stories of our success!

Macy's (originally Mabel) New Family

We are so happy we found Macy and were able to bring her into our home!  She became a member of our family the day we brought her home.  I am thrilled to have another girl in the house!  With a husband and 3 boys, I was outnumbered.  We even named her Macy, which is the girl's name we had picked out and never used :)  She loves to play with the boys and they love her!  As soon as they wake up, Macy is the first one they come to see.  Our family is now complete and we could not be any happier!  Thank you so much!

-Michelle, & Brad, Brayden, Myles & Corey

Happy Ending for Gunner……or should we say happy beginning!
Gunner, a mix breed dog, found his forever home this past month. His new owner Alex, from St. Louis, saw him on and called Paws Care to arrange a visit. Paws Care Rescue team, Amanda Daniels and Tara House, made a trip with Gunner to St. Louis to meet with Alex. Alex had been looking for months for the right match, and the other two dogs he had considered did not express an interest in him, but on Tuesday, November 2 during the meet and greet, Gunner jumped right out of the van and gently jumped upon Alex and gave him a hug. Alex said that is what sold him, as he wanted a dog that would show his unconditional love and be “his” dog.

Gunner came to Montgomery County Animal Control as a stray. Due to time and limitations of space, Gunner became a “Paws Care” dog and lived in foster care until being adopted. 

Lily was a Paws Care foster for almost a year. She had been overlooked many times. Although she did wonderful in her foster care at the Continuing Recovery Center and all the residents truly loved her, she was in need of a "forever" home.   

The Burgess family stopped by the Glen Carbon IL Petsmart store (where Paws was holding a mobile adoption) and guess who was waiting for them with a waggin tail?! Yes! Lily!

After talking to the family and knowing it would be a perfect match, she was adopted! Lily is now living the life of love! She loves her favorite spot on the couch (next to her best buddy here in this photo) and always going everywhere the Burgess family travels...

Helping an owner who needed to find a place for their dog. 

"My sister and I contacted Paws Care to help us find a home for my dog Ace. He did not have the life he deserved. He needed room to run and someone who could spend time with him. I had been in contact with Paws Care for a while and they never stopped searching. They instantly contacted me when there was an opening at the APL in Springfield and a few days later we were able to bring him in. The APL facility is a wonderful place that helps as many animals as possible, and Paws Care is just as wonderful. They do everything they can and they really do care. He found a wonderful home thanks to Paws Care and their partner, APL."    

-Christina Barwick

Miss Abby found her forever home on December 22.  When Amanda Daniels first got to the adopter's home...Abby was her usual shy self, but after some good ol' fashion lovin' from Jack and Jill, she looked at Amanda as if to say "I am home".  She helped herself to a few bites of food and a drink of water before jumping right into her new doggie bed and curled up for a nap.  
Merry Christmas, Abby. You got the best present of all...a loving family.

Winston waited for his forever home... and Stacey came along! He loves playing in the backyard and going on walks!! He is a cuddler too. He loves his new bed and sleeps in it next to Stacey every night!!

Brody joined our family in August of 2011.  He instantly became family and a best friend/brother to my 5 year old Miniature Schnauzer/Yorkie mix, Corkie, and my 2 adult cats. 

Sweetest things about him:
  • all I have to do is walk in the room and his tail starts thumping with excitement, 
  • when he gives Corkie a bath, he can get away with anything due to his big floppy ears and sad eyes, 
  • loves wearing sweaters and tee shirts, 
  • he loves his Grandma Barb and Grandpa Russell, 
  • snores when he sleeps, 
  • ...and he's never ever shown an ounce of aggression. He's 100% sweetness:)