1. I know of an animal that is being neglected. What should I do? The  Montgomery County Animal Control Department works closely with the Illinois Department of Agriculture to enforce the State mandated Animal Control Act, The Animal Welfare Act, the Human Care for Animals Act, and the County Animal Control Ordinance. Please call them about a neglect case at 217-532-3334.                              

  2. I have a pet I can no longer take care of. What should I do? Please follow these guidelines before calling or making a decision. Click here   Paws Care is very limited with fosters, but you may fill out our online "surrendering your pet" form by clicking here.

  3. I want to adopt from a shelter. What if you do not have the specific breed/size I'm looking for? We highly recommend you use or By using these sites, you can pick the breed, size, and age you are looking for in your area. To see what pets we currently have available, please look at our "adopt" page.

  4.  I'm confused. What's the difference between Paws Care and the County's shelter? 

    Montgomery County Animal Control Facility is responsible for enforcing state, county, and city ordinances pertaining to dogs and cats; impounding animals found to be in violation of those ordinances; investigating bite incidents; and investigating inhumane treatment of animals. If you have a lost or found dog, please contact them first! The county government owns, operates and funds this facility. It is located at 11252 N. 9th Ave. Their phone number is 217-532-3334. You can visit their website by clicking here.

    We are Paws Care, Inc. 
    We are a non-for profit animal welfare group. We receive no federal, state or local tax monies. We run solely on donations and fundraisers. We help owners who do not want to take their pets to the county pounds, we use a network of our own foster homes who care for our adoptable animals and we also pull pets out of various county pounds in central Illinois who are in danger of being euthanized. When we are out of foster home space, we will also transport animals to other no-kill shelters throughout the state. Paws Care has their own shelter license. We do not have a shelter yet, but we do have a storefront where we have our own office. It is located at 300 School Street in Hillsboro IL. 

  5. I've seen a stray dog running in our county. What do I do? Click here to view the county's Q&A concerning stray animals. 

  6. I love your rescue! How can I volunteer? We have many volunteer opportunities. You do not have to attend meetings to volunteer. We have our own volunteer coordinator who can meet you, introduce you to opportunities and put you in charge of a specific task! Sign up online now by clicking here.